Recent News

Foundation Acquires WWI Nieuport 17

The Forgotten Heroes Foundation recently acquired a replica Nieuport 17 aircraft. This WWI fighter bears the colors of the one flown by Eugene Jacques Bullard. Bullard was the first black fighter pilot. This forgotten hero has a fascinating story of perseverance, patriotism and heroism. He is one of the people that youngsters learn about as part of the historical mission of the Foundation. Bullard was known as "The Black Swallow of Death" on the side of his plane was a heart with a dagger through it. The phrase below stated "All Blood Runs Red"

Fokker Dr1 Joins the Foundation's Fleet

World War I saw the advent of aerial combat. One of the most distinctive technological examples of WWI fighters was the Fokker Dr1 tri-plane. This aircraft was made famous by Baron Von Richtofen known as "The Red Baron". This unique aircraft is not ony historically significant but helps to demonstrate some of the aerodynamic principles our STEM theory presentations outline. These examples of lethal technology from the "war to end all wars" helps to put the advance of technology and the existential threats each generation of Americans has faced and overcome.

College STEM - Work/Study/Start-up Program

The Foundation program to train college students and recent grads to work in their communities by teaching STEM and also helping local folks launch STEM businesses. One of these projects is being executed in Dutchess County in New York State. The county has experienced high unemployment rates and in cooperaton with SUNY the Foundation has set up a business, jobs and technology training presence at Mid Hudsan Regional Airport. The participants are conducting research into the development of experimental jet aircraft. The student particpants are being mentored in every part of the process from legal business formation, project management and test flight programs.