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College Students Build Jet at FHF Facilities

Jun 19, 2020

SubSonex JSX-2 Aircraft

The Forgotten Heroes Foundation resourced and sponsored engineering students from Dutches Community College to build in-house a SubSonex JSX-2 jet aircraft.

  • The aircraft is powered by TJ-100 turbojet engine which generates approximately 250lb of thrust
  • It has a cruise speed of 240mph and a maximum speed of 265mph
  • Maneuvering speed, Va, of 157mph
  • It stalls at 64mph.
  • Max range of 480 statute miles
  • Rate of Climb of 1,600fpm
  • It is a very beefy aircraft with empty weight of 500 LB
  • Maximum gross weight of 1,000
  • Take off distance 1200 ft
  • Landing Distance 2,500