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Our Vision

Established in October 2018, the primary objective of the Forgotten Heroes Foundation is to enrich STEM education for middle school students and beyond by providing both context and enthusiasm. Comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers, our team includes pilots, mechanics, programmers, engineers, and teachers, all united by a shared commitment to lifelong community service.

Our vision is to generate revitalized communities, producing globally leading technology, businesses, and innovation talent.

We teach STEM through the lens of Aviation.


Harnessing the inherent curiosity of young minds, FHF motivates aspiring heroes to envision ambitious goals, cultivate self-assurance, and a lifelong passion for learning through exciting STEM encounters.


Leveraging a student’s interest and solid foundation in STEM, FHF enhances the growth of innovation and ingenuity by offering distinctive project-based learning, mentorship initiatives, and engaging in STEM team competitions.


Using its network of  experts in technology, aviation, and entrepreneurship, FHF facilitates mentorship programs for accelatering talent with local connections via startups, tech incubators, and  visionaries.


The combination of early exposure, curated education, mentorship, and community-based business development leads to the revitalization and invigoration of commerce, benefiting both local communities and the entire nation.

FHF Programs

  • Hero STEM Day at the Hangar Program
  • After School Coding Classes
  • On site tailored STEM programs for schools and community organizations
  • Professional Aviator Mentorship
  • Exploration Flights
  • University ROTC incentive rides
  • Middle and High School Career Day support
  • Air Show Exhibition support
  • Flight Training Scholarship Program
  • Business Incubator and Accelerator support


Our Staff 



President / Founder



Vice President / Co-Founder



VP Operations / Co-founder



VP Safety / Co-founder