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Our Vision

The Forgotten Heroes Foundation was founded in October of 2018 to bring context and excitement to STEM education for middle school youngsters. Our staff consists of volunteers who are pilots, mechanics, programmers, engineers and teachers, all of which are committed to lifelong community service.

Our vision is to generate revitalized communities, producing globally leading technology, businesses, and innovation talent.

What We Do

Expose and Inspire

Capitalizing on the natural inquisitiveness of youth, FHF inspires young heroes to dream big, develop confidence, and become life long learners through fun and challenging early exposure to STEM concepts.


Building on previous STEM exposure, FHF bolsters innovation and ingenuity development through unique project-based learning, mentorship programs, and STEM team competitions


Through its extensive network of partnering professionals in technology, aviation, and business, FHF assists in funneling cultivated talent into communities through business startup mentorship, technology incubators and business envision centers.

Community Impact

Early exposure, cultivated learning and mentorship, and business development within communities yields commerce invigoration and revitalization benefitting not only local communities but also the Nation.

FHF Programs

  • Hero STEM Day at the Hangar Program
  • After School Coding Classes
  • On site tailored STEM programs for schools and community organizations
  • Professional Aviator Mentorship
  • Exploration Flights
  • University ROTC incentive rides
  • Middle and High School Career Day support
  • Air Show Exhibition support
  • Flight Training Scholarship Program
  • Business Incubator and Accelerator support


Our Staff 



President / Founder



Vice President / Co-Founder



VP Operations / Co-founder



VP Safety / Co-founder